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We’ve been seeing this coming for a long time.

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Holding On to Wholeness!

Two great heresies plagued the early church as it was trying to go forth with the gospel as Jesus had commanded. The two heresies I speak of were the teaching of the Judaizers, live according to Jewish customs, and then there were the Gnostics. Gnosticism teaches that the realization of Gnosis (esoteric or intuitive knowledge) is the way to salvation of the soul from the material world.

Satan has introduced and reintroduced these two teachings in one form or another throughout history, yet man keeps falling for them because they appeal to the flesh. He is slick in his approach in that he continuously repackages them with different leaders, different names and different catch phrases. However, they are both some form of proving one’s self worthy of salvation by some means other than Jesus’ free gift that He paid for on the cross.

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Originally posted on Arminian Today:
There is a tendency among us human beings to think that we can help God in the process of salvation.  We like to think in terms of God doing His part and we doing our…

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Originally posted on DiscernIt:
The Harbinger, the Inverted Tree, and Why Christians need to Discriminate very carefully between Prophecy and Speculation by Jeremy James Trinity Root : sculpture of an inverted tree outside Trinity Church on Wall Street “The Sephirothic…

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Truth and Strange Fire

By Jimmie Brodersen: They are not of the world, as I am not of the world. Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth  – John 17:16-17 God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and

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A Warning About the Harbinger – Christine Pack

Originally posted on DiscernIt:
A Commentary on The Harbinger: A Warning About The Harbinger by Christine Pack Source A book called The Harbinger is fast becoming a lightning rod issue among evangelical Christians, with many Christians saying it is…

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If Jesus died on Good Friday, how could He be in the grave three days and three nights if He arose on Sunday?

If Jesus died on Good Friday, how could He be in the grave three days and three nights if He arose on Sunday? This is a common mistake that people make.  Nowhere in scripture does it say that Jesus died

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